NetCents to Offer Asset-Based Coin to Improve Transactions

Using existing, proven, blockchain architecture, the coin’s uniqueness lies in its release mechanism and reserve account, features that ensure the cryptocurrency will be fully scalable. It has been designed to provide downside protection through a significant, ever increasing, cash reserve account.

The NetCents Coin, A Better Cryptocurrency for Day-to-day Transactions

The NetCents Coin allows consumers to make fast and secure transactions that are independent of any one singular authority or trusted third party, making it a truly decentralized alternative. Earlier this month, NetCents Technology Inc. issued a whitepaper unfolding the NetCents Coin which it will be releasing November 30th.

The NetCents Coin, A Better Cryptocurrency for Day-to-day Transactions

Canada-Based Payment Processing Company NetCents to Launch Its Own Coin

This initiative is being driven by demands from its customer base and is not meant to be just another speculative coin. NetCents has significant experience in processing cryptocurrency payments for its clients through its proprietary systems. The problem that it has encountered is that both its merchants and consumers have found the Bitcoin and the Ether too volatile to be used in everyday transactions. Everyone loves the idea of using a Blockchain-based cryptocurrency, but they have been pushing the company to find them a more stable alternative which they can feel comfortable owning and using for everyday use. Their customers are transaction driven, not speculators.