NetCents Coin Release Schedule

To promote mass adoption, the supply of NCCO has been set to match demand while maintaining a significant capital appreciation for all holders. The release of NCCO is structured much differently than other cryptocurrencies. Unlike existing cryptocurrencies, NCCO is issued over time from the Foundation’s treasury at market rates with a transparent release mechanism.

The coin release mechanism is a transaction based algorithm. Once released, the coins are sold through authorized exchanges around the world. All proceeds realized from the sale of the coins are deposited in the Foundation’s Treasury Reserve Account, which will be used to support the value and fund the development and continued maintenance of NCCO.

The structured release management system is designed to reduce market volatility and instill user confidence. Merchants and consumers will be able to transact with the coin with confidence there will be sufficient liquidity in the market The Foundation will continue to release coins in this manner to sustain and defend the floor price of each release.

Subsequent releases are issued at escalating price levels, based on NCCO’s trading value once it has reached a preset value, rather than at pre-determined times. If there is a rapid price appreciation of NCCO, the Foundation will sell new coins into the price inflation and continue to build its Treasury Reserve Account.

Once the coin is widely accepted and receives significant sums of capital inflows, the release mechanism of new treasury coins guarantees a more stable price, growing its appeal as a store of value as well as the currency of choice for transactions around the globe.

With each coin release, ALL proceeds from the sale of new coins will be deposited in the Foundation’s Treasury Reserve Account.

The number of NetCents Coins which can be issued is technically unlimited. However, only a specific number of coins will be issued and sold into the market within specific price bands. Furthermore, the minimum sale price per coin for each release is preset at a specific premium to the previous release. This ensures that if the NetCents Coin is not trading well, no new treasury coins will be issued and sold.

If there is high demand for the NetCents Coin, instead of having euphoric speculation and rapid rise in its price, a new release of treasury coins will be triggered and sold in the marketplace. Increasing the supply of the NetCents Coin at the higher price, putting a damper on an uncontrolled rise in the coin price.

Should the price of the coin never increase and cross into the next band, no further coins will be released and sold out of the treasury. At no time will new coins flood the market creating a supply imbalance.

Once a new release threshold has been crossed, a set number of new coins, increasing with each release, will be made available from treasury and sold through the exchanges.

The releases are always structured in such a way that new coin sales cannot debalance the prevailing supply/demand equilibrium.

The table below outlines the release mechanism for the first 14 coin releases. Subsequent releases will follow the same pattern.