Treasury Reserve Account

NetCents Coins are sold in the market in predetermined releases at a minimum price per release. One of the key features of these releases is that 100% of the proceeds realized from the sale of treasury coins go into the Foundation’s Treasury Reserve Account – thereby benefitting ALL coin holders and not just a limited few.

Building this Treasury Reserve Account is key to the NCCO’s long-term credibility and acceptance in the marketplace, making it a mainstream coin and not just an instrument of speculation like other cryptocurrencies in circulation today.

The Treasury Reserve Account will initially be made up of a basket of fiat and cryptocurrencies. We estimate that after a period of 12 to 18 months there will be sufficient price stability and liquidity in the market to allow for the reserve to gradually diversify.

The reserve account will be used to:

  • Firstly and foremost, provide price stability and liquidity for the coin
  • Provide continuous investment in the development of the NetCents Coin platform and evolve the NetCents Coin platform as new technologies and features become available
  • Cover operational costs associated with the ongoing management and maintenance of the reserve account.

The table below outlines the projected value of the Treasury Reserve Account for the first 14 coin releases: Assuming a constant asset value in the Treasury Reserve Account, before management fees, and assuming new coins are sold at the lowest price at which they can be sold in the market.

We anticipate that over time the value of the Treasury Reserve Account per coin will stabilize and represent more than 50% of its trading price.